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Hawk is a Canine Companion - a service dog specially trained for the disabled. Click for more info.

Larry & Hawk: "The Batman Pose"

It's been along time since I've made an overall reworking of my page(s). Folks....the lovebug has hit me (you can read all about it at: The Continuing Saga Of Larry, Terry, Lynlea, & Hawk) and I haven't really had much time to spend putting this together. I've got some more pix to share, so check my stuff out.

I'm a student working on my doctorate (PsyD) in clinical Psychology at United States International University (USIU). Hawk comes to classes with me, though he's already a PhD (a "Pretty hairy Dog"). If you care to see my resume of counseling experience, and offer me a job, please click here (or you can just check out my resume if you want).

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Here's some links for you to test your web browsing skills at:

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To see the ultra cool, banned DR. SEUSS book, click here: Guess What I'm Going To Do Next Saturday! and while you're at it, dare to visit the rest of Dan's site.

The new Yellow Room (honoring the deceased KSCA)

Larry/Hawk (arf, arf)

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P.S. THANKS to Patrish!! and Barry

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